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During the fight Anna steals her grace from Uriel and becomes an angel again. During her transformation, Alastair disappears and his host is destroyed. Uriel and Castiel leave, and it is discovered that Sam had planned all along to bring the demons and angels together to get them to fight each other.

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He has been working with Crowley ever since, and the Winchesters are suspicious. Castiel still thinks of himself as their protectors. After Eve's death Crowley and Castiel discuss matters over her body. Crowley is angry that she was killed, as there is little she can do to open Purgatory for them as a corpse. He yells at Castiel for putting his "pets" first, and thinks they should just be killed to simplify matters. Castiel refuses, and threatens Crowley if he dares to hurt them.

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Castiel ventures into Balthazar 's suite alone and confronts him about his conduct. Balthazar explains that he is simply following in Castiel's footsteps by making his own decisions and doing whatever he likes. Castiel demands he return the stolen weapons, but Balthazar declines. They hear an indication of Raphael's arrival, and Balthazar disappears. A hostile angel attacks Castiel, who pleads for him to stand down, but is forced to kill the other angel. Raphael appears and beats Castiel mercilessly, throwing him down a flight of stairs. Just as Raphael is about to kill Castiel, Balthazar reappears and destroys Raphael's vessel using Lot's Salt. He remarks that Raphael will be too preoccupied looking for a new vessel to pose a threat anytime soon.

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According to Brian Wieser, a senior advertising analyst at Pivotal Research Group, this should keep Google and Facebook from feeling too threatened in the online-ad industry.

Castiel calls Sam to find out where the boys are he cannot locate them because the Enochian sigils he etched into their ribs hide them from all angels, including himself. He meets them at the hospital where Bobby is being treated. He reveals that he is cut off from Heaven following to rebellion, and has lost some of his powers, including the ability to heal. This means that he cannot help Bobby. He then says that in order to defeat Lucifer he plans to find God. He asks Dean for his amulet , which Cas says will burn hot in God 's presence. Dean mocks Castiel's plan, and Cas responds angrily, detailing what he has done for the Winchesters and what he has lost as a result. Dean relents and gives him the amulet, with orders not to lose it.

As the internet market progressed, though, many liberals and Democrats in Washington became increasingly concerned with what they saw as the potential anticompetitive behavior of those ISPs. This led a fierce argument over "net neutrality," or the idea that ISPs should be legally required to treat all traffic equally instead of playing favorites for financial gain.

Now human, Castiel makes his way down a road in Colorado, still able to hear angel radio. His distraction causes him to nearly get hit by a truck and the driver offers him a ride after telling him there's no cell phone reception in the area and Castiel declining water. Castiel is also stunned by his injured palm, something he has never experienced before.

As Castiel and Hannah travel to the Bunker to help Sam cure Dean, they are ambushed by Adina, seeking revenge for Daniel's death. However, Crowley intervenes in time to kill Adina, transferring her grace to Castiel and restoring his own powers. Now 'recharged', Castiel makes it to the bunker in time to stop Dean from killing Sam. allowing Sam to complete the cure.

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