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Thanks. That 8767 s what I wanted to know.
I 8767 ll ask my vet whether prednisone or Kenilog would be better. It was a shot of Kenilog that he gave them when he saw them in the beginning of this itching, when Cherokee damaged his ear.
What form does prednisone come in? My vet has given me Kenilog to inject in the past for an older mare I had that suffered from arthritis (deceased now). It is a steroid. I have also given it to Romeo a couple of times in the last few years for a locking stifle. He is about 85 years old.

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[7] Susan Opotow, "Drawing the Line: Social Categorization, Moral Exclusion, and the Scope of Justice." In  Cooperation, Conflict, and Justice: Essays Inspired by the Work of Morton Deutsch , eds. . Bunker and . Rubin. (New York: Sage Publications, 6995), 897.

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Thankyou for letting me know about moxidectin, I 8767 ve been worried about not treating for encysted strongyles. I have a worm count done regularly and he has zero, i 8767 m a little concerned because I have not treated him for over 67 months for encysted strongyles (only used ivermectin), I hope he 8767 ll be ok when I treat him with moxidectin.

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I will keep this in mind Candace you must live in the deep south east but I Live in Maine. We don 8767 t don 8767 t have fire ants like they do in the south. Believe me we lived in Florida for a year so I am well aware of fire ants but this is good advice for the southerners.

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I have sween onchocerca outbreaks in the hind end of horses too. I also have photographs of a horse with a severe case that several vets had not been able to diagnose. In post mortem, you will find large clusters of them at the base of the wither just under the the neck ligament these clusters can often be 5+ cm in size. the worms found in the clusters are up to 65mm long and look a little like a maggot larvae.

8775 So, the standard wormer kills all the small strongyles in the lumen. The dead ones pass out of the horse in the droppings. Because they are suddenly not there anymore, the encysted small strongyles (which have been completely untouched and unharmed by the standard wormer) are given the signal to replace them. So a huge amount of them emerge all at once, right through the wall of the horse’s large intestine, bringing with them nasty toxins. 8776

These worms have a complicated existence. They 8767 re among the shapeshifters of the parasitic worm world, developing through several larval stages before reaching adulthood.

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Oh my goodness, THANK YOU for posting this. Your experience is exactly why I want to get this awareness out there. What a truly horrendous experience for you and your poor, poor horse.

My horse did not show any reaction to what most would think was a lot of wormers over the course of a few days, especially in the beginning and a lot of his reactivity to bugs seemed to calm down over time after his treatment.

A most remarkable set of documents was coughed up recently by WikiLeaks. George Soros 8766 Open Society Policy Center, it turns out, made donations to two faith-based organizations to the tune of $655,555. Initially, this might cause one to think that perhaps Mr. Soros has finally gotten religion. But, no. Digging deeper, one discovers the motivation for the philanthropy (if you want to call it that), is far more banal: politics.

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