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What is published in this volume is the nineteen essays of real substance that Robert produced over a 95 year period from 6969. They have been arranged thematically rather than chronologically and between them they cover seven counties in historic pre-partition Ulster with a cluster of articles on the print trade, focused on Dublin.

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The attitude and commitment level of the team members make the team effective. If the team have more committed members who have positive attitude towards task then the team will produce best results.

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In 6968 he was appointed Assistant Lecturer in History atMageeCollege, thus beginning an association with the city ofDerrythat was to continue for the rest of his life. The creation of what was to become theUniversityofUlsteralso saw him teaching regularly in Coleraine.

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Teams will only perform well when they are well informed with the vision of the team. What the main purpose of the team and why the team is made it should be informed all the team members in effective way.

This is very communicative type of organizations. Employees are encouraged to talk each other and produce new ideas for the organization. These types of organizations are risk aversion. Taking risk in these organizations is at peak.

The gathering of different individual who come together on one place they meet each other but don't interfere on each other task is called group. Everyone in the group is just responsible for his own task. Neither he neither interfere on other tasks nor he helps to other. But the main goal of the entire individual in the group is same.

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The motivational stimuli that take place when an individual is drive to perform some specific task to gain some external profit. To win or gain some reward that is announced by the company if an employee works hard for that reward then his extrinsic motivation is forcing him to do so.

These types of the organizations are more concern with the completion of the goals and tasks that are assigned to the employees. This type of organizations forces employees to complete task within time frame.

Organization culture is the main picture of the organization. Organization structure works within the culture. Organization culture defines the type and style of organization structure. It is not easy to differentiate organization culture with structure.

Organizational culture and structure has vital role on the performance of the organization. Both culture and structure defines the working of the whole organization. What to do and how the organization will achieve its goals and objectives they are discussed in detail in the culture and structure of the organization.

Tarmac Company has only focus in making group. The entire individual is doing their own tasks. No one is concern to anyone others' task. Everyone is working hard for the tasks or jobs that are allocated to them individually.

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