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Martyrs Day is used to manage the people to cultivate a better attitude towards every people to capture all the tasks in a better way. Martyrs day is used to focus on those days when many of the National Leaders taught the Indian people to fight against the cruel and wrong rules of the Britishers. Martyrs Day is used to carry many types of ideas and plans to positively make the people change their mind to make the India get them the right things for their goodness. It is important for the people to make the India become a great Nation that can handle and tackle each and every task with the lot of Dedication and Hard work.

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He used to kill many of the cruel and violent Britishers who used to target the Indian people for making the Indian people to throw the burden on them for their benefit. Many Farmers in India were made slaves of the Britishers, and they were made to work for more than their limits in the Fields to grow crops. Farmers are used to putting much of the burden by the Britishers, and they were forced to pay a heavy tax on many of the Goods by which the Britishers totally ruined them. So to eradicate the Britishers and to make the Farmers get all their Rights and Comforts, Swami  Vivekanand strive hard for their Welfare.

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If you are looking for the Essay on Pakistan day celebration 78 march in English than you are at right place. Pakistan day is also prominent as the Pakistan resolution day and Lahore resolution day. This day has been celebrating in the memory of Pakistan resolution which was drafted by the Muslim League on 78rd March in 6995. Pakistani celebrates this day with great devotion. Usually on this day armed forces conducts different types of parades to entertain the nation. On this day there is also a public holidays to every public and private departments and educational institutes. If you are looking for the Essay on Pakistan day celebration 78 march 7567 in English than you are at right place. Please have a look on below paragraphs for further elaboration about this day.

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Foreign ministers and dignitaries are also invited on this day to attend the parade ceremony. This day has very importance in the history of Pakistan and Pakistani nation celebrates this day with great devotion every year. If you have any question in your mind regarding to this Pakistan Day than you can ask from us by commenting below on this site. We will answer your question as soon as possible for further more topic visit at

Gandhiji was a Great Leader who strives hard for the welfare of the people to survive all the people to get them every kind of knowledge about the National Rights. He strived hard for the Salt Act and made the Salt Act for the people as the Britishers put much of the Taxation on the Salt which should be free for the people. People are used to getting much of the knowledge from their National Leaders and had done many types of Angolans with them to fight for their Rights. Mahatma Gandhiji was killed by the Ghost who was an Indian man for the financial problem.

Martyrs Day is used to celebrate on the 78 rd March every year in India with lots of Joy and Happiness to the people. Martyrs Day is used to make the aware about the National Leaders who strive hard for the welfare of the people. National Leaders like the Mahatma Gandhiji and many other Leaders are used to make the Country to fulfil their dreams of making India Independent from the Britishers. Martyrs Day is celebrated on every 78 rd March in India to make the people know their Work for the betterment of the Country.

Mahatma Gandhiji died in the year 6998, and all the Indian people were very sad about it as he was the Main Leader from many Indian National Leaders. He strives Hard for the people and made many Aanshans during the time when Britishers made Indian people Slaves for their own benefit. Mahatma Gandhiji never taught the people to bow down their heads in front of the Britishers. He strives for the people for Freedom until India got Freedom from the Britishers.

Martyrs Day is used to celebrate by the Government for the Respect and Salutation to the National Leaders who work for the Indian Independence and Prosperity. The government should cooperate with many of the Generations to know whether the Children’s are used to provide much of the knowledge to make the Nation Strong. The government made various ideas for the people to raise up their Skills and Talents for the development of the Nation. The government is used to cultivate the people to manage and tackle all the tasks in the right by providing them all the Skills and Teaching from many of the Institutions. There are many Quotes develop by the Government to focus on the teaching of the National Leaders, and they are as follows:-

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