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Epicurus and Happiness - Epicurus: Pursuit of Happiness

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 20:02

Buddhism actually answers all questions, but most people are not ready to hear them which is normal human behavior (for example, when I was in the 6st grade I thought that I knew EVERYTHING but it wasn 8767 t until I kept going through school that I learnt more and more. If I stopped at 6st grade, I 8767 d be stuck in the same spot. Buddhism is like that, it is about individual progress not just 8766 faith 8767 that something told to you is truthful although the initial portion of Buddhism does have 8766 faith 8767 as in faith that these are correct teachings yet it is heavily reinforced that you should verify everything being taught no blind faith here!).

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You on the other hand are assuming by your arguments that force is used by a but then you have no proof of that, and that is where your argument falls flat from the start. A person who FORCES sex on an animal is technically NOT a they are a bestialist or a the use of force or restraints totally precludes and eliminates the use of the dictionary and medical term:

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Dont be an armchair rocket scientist like Lillyvon here Epicurus, it just doesn't work well at all.
In the end it doesn't make any difference what do with animals when every single other use of animals NEVER involves consent, and many involve the DEATH of said animals solely for human enjoyment, so that whole consent/like children/cant defend themselves argument is a red herring.

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8775 So, in the Buddhist worldview, this shore is samsara, the cycle of rebirth driven by ignorance, craving, and karma and the far shore is Nirvana, the birth less and deathless. Whereas samsara is the realm of suffering and commotion, Nirvana is the state of supreme bliss and peace. The task the Buddha sets before us is to move from this present shore of samsara to the far shore of Nirvana and what takes us across from the near shore to the far shore is the Buddhist path. That is why the Buddha compares his teaching to a raft: it enables us to cross the stream and reach the far shore. 8776

When you go looking for actual proof or acknowledgement from the community that psychiatry really IS a science? You find none. All you find is perfect examples like what you linked? Of psychiatrists themselves being like IS it a science? Thats all you'll see, "IS it really a science?" because noone really knows. The unspoken implication at the end of the question? Is it a science? Because nobody seems to know.

Can we equate uncertainty with not knowing what the heck is going on?
With ONE IN FIVE Americans being prescribed psychotropic drugs, it seems to be an awfully BIG (albeit profitable) GAMBLE.
--- At what point in human existence was it determined that EVERY uncomfortable mood should be labeled a disorder?

Despite this, Epicurus says that there are gods, but these gods are quite different from the popular conception of gods. We have a conception of the gods, says Epicurus, as supremely blessed and happy beings. Troubling oneself about the miseries of the world, or trying to administer the world, would be inconsistent with a life of tranquility, says Epicurus, so the gods have no concern for us. In fact, they are unaware of our existence, and live eternally in the intermundia, the space between the cosmoi. For Epicurus, the gods function mainly as ethical ideals, whose lives we can strive to emulate, but whose wrath we need not fear.

I just heard that was a little bizarre but I had no idea it would be something like this. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch this one either. Not to judge (well, yeah actually) this is just sick. I live in the south but I never really got into the small farm animal thing. :)

Come to think about it: this film isn't a doc about psychiatry, it's suggesting some kind of conspiracy, so it's in the wrong category. Its purpose is too insidious to call it comedy.

Seems Ken was the only one who had a real job, with Boeing, the rest were just losers including James Tait, a truck driver who was arrested. He then wound up in Tennesse with no job, living with another He was arrested again along with the other guy for bestiality with horses after someone saw them in the backyard doing a pony.

Don't be like Jesus ,and your soul will be evil. There? is much regarding your condemning character to say your soul is evil. Be like Jesus is who does not condemn, and I will not say your soul is evil.

Guys, there is probably few more educated on the bullsh*t and human rights violations of Scientology than me in this thread. It's a scam, no doubt about it. It's dangerous, no doubt about it.

Wonrg premise, you see. The premise of "illness in the mind"--which is what "mental illness" is. There IS such a thing as illness in the brain--tumors and such--but "ilness in the mind" is a misnomer until it can be proven--it is is not proven when people merely have "issues in living". Scans haven't proven it. Pathologists haven't proven it. Blood tests haven't proven it. EEG's haven't proven it. What's left? Mankind either believes in it or doesn't--and it is so enticing to believe in it that most people do. But that's not PROOF!!

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