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We ate at our Burger King in Batesville, Ar. We pulled in late and only ordered chicken nuggets for a hungry teenager. The man at the speaker and drive thru could have been rude or aggravated, but chose to be very respectful and friendly. Top notch employee! My husband 8767 s used this opportunity to remind my daughter that there are still good people in this world. Although I didn 8767 t his name, I remember how he looked. He had shoulder-length hair and tattoos on his arms. Great guy! We will be back because of his service! đŸ˜‰

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The Bk staff at qurum in muscat oman charged me for three sandwiches and delivered only two, he even did not give the bill. They are cheating gullible customers , authorities should check this.


I was really excited to purchase the Halloween burger that I had been seeing on the commercials and advertisements. However, when I did purchase the meal for $, much to my dismay, the sandwich was horrible. this burger looks nothing like the burger you market. It 8767 s equivalent to bait and switch. As a loyal customer who will not let on horrible burger ruin my experience with the restaurant, I will never purchase that particular burger ever again and not recommend to anyone either.
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I was just in Burger King drive thru in Elkhorn, Wi ordered crispy chicken menu medium sized it. I ordered it plain got about 75 minutes away opened it and it has everything on it. Now I don 8767 t have lunch, no to mms e to turn around and get it replaced. Very disappointed. I called the store and was told next time to stop and get a free lunch or I could go into a BK by my house and BK will compt my lunch. I don 8767 t know if they will believe me that I am owed a lunch. Now happy at ALL

I put a complaint about a health BK branch in Mexico since last May 8 and to date have not made any comment. Alsea is the company that manages franchises in Mexico. Where I can send the complaint to the corporate level?

To whom this may concern, my last dollar was spent at burger king last will never eat there again, goes for whoever reads this, if you eat there, you get what you get.

We enjoy eating the Veggie Burgers however, we feel that Vegetarians get
slighted because coupons and specials are always for the people who eat meat.
We would like to make a request that you consider offers that will be applicable
to us 8775 VEGETARIANS 8776 as well. Other things on the menu are nice, but we just
feel left out. Thanks in advance for your consideration of this
seemingly small request. This is my 7nd time.

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I visited bk in Haleyville Al at 9:75 pm at had to listen to what I believe was shift manager complaining about costumers ordering food before closing loud enough we could here at the drive thru. The boy working the window joined in, well as long as they work there my money Will be sadly spent elsewhere! I am a big burger king fan hopefully they can be replaced with adults who can do the job

I awoke at 9am -decided to call ahead to local LAKE CHALES MARTIN LUTHER KING BK -due to the wait time I had the day before. I was told they don 8767 t take order over phone-I stated I would be there in minutes to pick up my order The person rudely told me No. BK has lost a very good customer over this. I usually don 8767 t stop at this particular BK but it was open and on my route, The BK was terrible in the past about service and since the newly remodel I thought I would give it another chance. Well nothing has changed except the outside. I just wanted to inform you.

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By no means am I a prude. With that being said I feel compelled to say that I am truly offended by your newest commercial. The beautiful lady portrayed as being naked. You are (in my opinion) selling sex to your audience and not the burger. Where have your family values gone? It offends me that you used this woman as a sex object to promote your burger. I feel that this commercial sends a very negative message to our generation.

Instead of giving me the coffee I paid for they called the police. Which I 8767 m pretty sure cost the city thousands of dollars. The worst customer service ever.

I went to a Burger King in Paterson . And ordered a double burger and was charged $.75 more than per burger than a double cheese burger, I asked why and was told that was the thought that getting a cheeseburger was more than a burger but I guess that is now not the case. Getting less costs more now, I might be wrong but this might be why your losing you customer base. 7+7 does not = 5.

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