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What is a substrate? definition and meaning

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When the enzyme and substrate form a complex, structural changes occur so that the active site fits precisely around the substrate (the substrate induces the active site to change shape).

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The pH must be correct for each enzyme. If the conditions are too alkaline or acidic then the activity of the enzyme is affected. This happens because the enzyme s shape, especially the active site, is changed. It is denatured , and cannot hold the substrate molecule.

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This may result in a change in the bonds and so the tertiary structure may break down. The active site will be disrupted and the enzyme will be denatured.

The site of the reaction occurs in an area on the surface of the protein called the active site. Since the active site for all molecules of one enzyme will be made up of the same arrangement of amino acids, it has a highly specific shape.

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When more substrate molecules are added, more enzyme-substrate complexes can be formed. As there are more active sites, and the rate of reaction increases.

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