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Beatitude’s kiss: Since ‘sobbing’ has been mentioned earlier, the mouth may be said to be involved in both sobbing and kissing. Life which is a sob of Nature become a “kiss” of Supernature. (Sethna)

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Indian classical music is originally based on seven 8766 Swaras 8767 and twenty-one ‘Shrutis’. Every set of swara has its own kind of melody and emotional feelings, which has a great impact on human life. Its several benefits have been seen since ages. It is also said that it can cure severe diseases. It can be used as a mood changer. The beats(thaala) of music resemble our heart beat. Just by listening to the beats of songs, heart beats get regulated.
As an energy source, music can be a tool for the elevation of consciousness. Music enhances concentration, relaxation, learning, creativity and an increased awareness of psycho-spiritual states.

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In a pillar edict he had proclaimed that he had 8775 Bunyan trees planted for shade to beasts and well dug and rest houses built-every nine miles. 8776 Buddha wanted that kings should be protective and generous and Ashoka confirmed to this injunction both in letter and spirit.

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A concluding note: The Rose of God apart from its thematic complexity and profundity calls for an equally interesting study from the point of view of its structure, diction and syntax. Its incantatory quality is reflected even in the graphical organisation of the words, lines and stanzas. The poem is full of striking parallelisms and contrasts. Note the use of semantically related words like, for instance, Leap, Live, Ablaze, Transform and Arise in the third line of every stanza.

In the general operations of Nature, a seed is sown, and if the environment is appropriate, the seed can sprout, take root and grow.  Similarly with ideals within humanity, the seed of an idea is sown, and if humanity is ready to receive it, even to some degree, it begins to take root and grow and reach out to expand its influence.  It is met by resistance in most cases for the established status quo, or by those who have neither the mind nor the inclination to do something different than they have done in the past,  Some of these eventually gain enough stability to become rooted in the community of mankind, and others flower for a time and fade.

Notwithstanding the view that this poem calls for an intui­tive perception rather than logical explanation, the poem does lend itself to analyses at various levels. For instance, a close attention to the imagery, its movement and the colour scheme in the poem will help one kind of response.

- 8 Sleepless wide vanishing ends: These lines represent the first stage of this movement from the Higher mind to the Illumined Mind. The wings of wind, that is the soaring spiritual aspiration, carry the spirit which is on its quest, sleepless and restless 8767 .

Sri Aurobindo observes:   8775 Nevertheless, in this regime of the small city state or of regional cultures there was always a defect which compelled a tendency towards large organisations.  The defect was a characteristic of impermanence, often of disorder, especially of defencelessness against the onslaught of larger organisations, even of an insufficient capacity for widespread material well-being.  Therefore this earlier form of collective life tended to disappear and give place to the organisation of natinos, kingdoms and empires. 8776

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Great Indian sages, such as Sri Aurobindo and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the Art of Living, have often remarked that the stories recounting how Jesus came to India to be initiated are probably true. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar notes, for instance, that Jesus sometimes wore an orange robe, the Hindu symbol of renunciation of the world, which was not a usual practice in Judaism.

Also, the poem which Aurobindo himself has called “A Legend and a Symbol” carries with it symbolic visions of the future of the world and of mankind, speculations about the future of the world and of mankind, speculadons about the future based on his own mystic experiences, and a yogic real­ization.

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