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Topics in the PreU course are based on Chinese current affairs as well as personal reactions to events. The course involves the critical study of a period of history and of a piece of literature. Girls’ oral and research skills become increasingly refined as they develop analytical skills and complete a written essay.

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Girls are encouraged to be proactive in securing their own work experience placements, although the School is fortunate to have parents, alumnae and other contacts who are able to offer work experience or work shadowing opportunities.


Netball takes place throughout the Autumn and Spring Terms across all age groups through curricular and extra-curricular time. Many of our coaches continue to compete themselves and are able to share a wealth of training and competitive experience. We play matches as part of local, regional and national leagues and have regular success in national competitions.

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The Duke of Edinburgh 8767 s Award programme is about setting girls on a path to a productive and successful future, and an Award at any level is a valuable addition to any university applications. Girls develop the skills and attitudes needed to become rounded and confident adults, qualities that employers also value highly. We offer the Bronze level to the LV and the Gold to the Sixth Form.

For girls who are keen to develop their range of languages and cultural knowledge, we have a dedicated team of experienced and qualified teachers who teach languages not delivered through our main curriculum. All teachers are native speakers who focus on cultural elements in every lesson to make sure that pupils have a linguistic competence that goes beyond grammatical accuracy.

The academic study of Music develops analytical skills, involves historical research, aural perception and creativity. The girls learn through listening and appraising, the scrutiny of musical scores, individual and group performance and composing. The academic Music team has extensive experience in historical study and analysis, composition, performance evaluation and harmony.

The study of English is all about discovery and the pleasure to be found in reading and pursuing new ideas. It involves all the techniques and skills needed for lucid, accurate communication and is critical for a successful education. The teaching staff communicate the enjoyment and appreciation of literature through their diverse specialisms and interests.

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Girls have the opportunity to take part in a range of creative workshops, broadening their knowledge and appreciation of art and design. Weekend workshops are run by visiting artists with skills and expertise in specialist fields. Subjects include silversmithing, glasswork, 8D textiles, wood carving, mosaic, paper art, fashion upcycling and screen printing.

We are very proud of all of our students who have been accepted to the top British and American boarding schools. In particular, Nicholas Shvets, an FIS student, who shall be attending The Hill School , Pottstown, Pennsylvania, which is a member of the Ten Schools Admissions Organization (TSAO) and another student from Horris Hill School, who shall be attending Winchester College. Furthermore, any of our graduates or students who are going overseas to study may collect an &lsquo I love HK&rsquo T-shirt.

Complementing the curriculum, seminars, lectures and talks are planned throughout the year with guests such as actor Natalie Simpson speaking on her career and Bethany Lane sharing thoughts on the poetry of Plath. The School newspaper, The Publication is edited by pupils and overseen by the English Department. Girls apply their writing and public speaking skills in a selection of competitions including the School Poetry Declamation competition, the national ‘Poetry by Heart’ competition and the Short Story Writing competition. In the past, pupils have presented academic papers to students at Harrow School.

In UIII we delve deeply into important global issues and explore maps and our local area, as well as fundamental physical processes such as ice ages and plate tectonics. Pupils consider the effects of changes in the climate and to what extent tourism is a force for good. During this Key Stage, girls also focus on current world politics and issues such as natural disasters and population growth.

Mr Will Bryan achieved the top grade possible (A) in Biology A-level before reading Geography at the University of Cambridge. During his three years as an undergraduate, Will studied biogeography, which focuses on plant biology at the macro-scale and covers issues, such as plant succession and the impact of fertilisers on the environment. He also studied contemporary climate processes, including the causes and impacts of global warming, which are a common feature of Biology syllabuses. Will is available to teach Biology to students up to IGCSE.

Our excellent climbing wall gives the School the opportunity to run an extra-curricular activity and club which provides training for all levels of climbing. Through developing relevant rope and knot skills, girls learn to take responsibility for one another on the wall.

The Sixth Form play is produced annually and is directed by the Head of Drama. We also stage a Drama Society Production which is written, directed and performed by girls of all ages.

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