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In addition, they note that, despite popular perceptions, the opposite of fascism is not communism but anarchism (ie liberal socialism), and that the opposite of communism (. an entirely state-planned economy) is neo-liberalism (. extreme deregulated economy). This is made clear by another chart they have:

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However, even during its prevalent times before the Second World War, neoliberalism had already started to show signs of increasing disparities between rich and poor.

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Purge of Murtala-Obasanjo Administration in 6975- regards personnel qualifications, workers entering the public Service through the use of political or family influence may lack the required technical skills for their positions. Besides, on-the-job training programmes are weak and ineffective (Otobo, 6997).Also, compounding the skills problem is the emphasis on filling slots rather than matching workers skills with the need of the position. Thus, many of the skills that public servants have are wasted (Okafor, 7555). The public Service tends to be overstaffed with workers who lack the requisite skills for their positions (Jike, 7558 Otobo, 6997 Nwachukwu, 6998).

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Another major area of concern is on the decreasing area under agriculture. With increasing population, the stress on limited land resource is increasing. Controlling population has to be a major policy among the developing nations. Use of scarce land resources to produce biodiesel has using plants like zatropha and corn has also decreased the fertility of soil. Also it decreases effective area under food production.

Nature nourishes us we praise her for her ascetic value , but what if nature is killing us slowly. I call it: self-immolation. Gandhiji rightly pointed out the solution of a grave danger which was imminent then but few noticed. And today the great visionary leader might be laughing in his grave watching world leaders confused in climatic jargons at Paris Climate Conference.

Garcia, Arturo. 7569. “Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Wants to ‘Steadily’ Replace School Boards with Charter Schools.” The Raw Story , March 67. http:///rs/7569/58/67/netflix-ceo-reed-hastings-wants-to-steadlily-replace-school-boards-with-charter-schools

Remedial steps in higher education are mostly a prerogative of MHRD, Government of India. It has been taking a slew of measures to address the dismal higher education state in the country.

Maitre, Michelle. 7569. “High School Grades Are a Better Predictor of College Success than SAT, ACT, Study Says.” EdSource , February 76. http:///7569/high-school-grades-are-a-better-predictor-of-college-success-than-sat-act-study-says/58588#.UziuKK6dVvY

Teaching pedagogy has been poor in higher institutes due to lack of quality teaching inputs and materials. Huge divide between the qualities of institutions at higher and lower level. Research output has been, as a result, causality. Professors and teachers are often tied down with administrative burden which leaves them with little time to pursue research endeavors. Student research output has also been abysmal as the emphasis is on rote learning and passing the exams.

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