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Born in 6887, Louisa Alcott had grown up as the second of four daughters to a well-known Boston educationist with a penchant for reading aloud to his family from The Pilgrim's Progress. As a girl, Louisa was always "scribbling", selling her juvenile efforts to a range of publications aimed at the market for women.

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Elizabeth March, called "Beth," and the circumstances of her death in Louisa May Alcott's book Little Women, is based on the real life sister of the author. Louisa May Alcott's most beloved sister,.

  • What are some of the literary techniques in Louisa May Alcott's story Little Women?  

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    Little Women begins at Christmas time with the March family and Mr. March away in the Civil War. The adventures of the little women begins when a wealthy neighbor invites the family to join them.

  • How did Beth die in Little Women ?

    Essay on Louisa May Alcott: Daughter, Author, and

    Alcott’s family members were fervent abolitionists, yet the topic of slavery is only vaguely referenced in Little Women. Instead, the oblique references to slavery assume disapproval on the part of the characters and reader. Identify at least two references and discuss the impact of having implicit rather than explicit references.

    At Camp Laurence, the contrast with the British provides an opportunity to display the American traits of the main characters. They play croquet with the spirit of ’76, tease Fred for thinking perfectly of the English nation, and John Brooke defends their willingness to work and be independent. Later Laurie brings Meg gifts as examples of Yankee ingenuity. While abroad, Amy is celebrated for having maintained her “native frankness” despite her other foreign airs. Alcott also describes Demi as respecting the hand that fought him, as did England.

    Another key to the success of Little Women is Alcott's direct and easy style which is grounded in the reality of everyday life. The four girls – Jo, Margaret (Meg), Elizabeth (Beth), and Amy – speak and feel like regular American women of their day. The device of the absent father (away serving as an army chaplain in the civil war), enhances their independence and places this lively quartet at the fulcrum of the narrative. In turn, this is conceived in a wholly original voice that's deeply realistic. For instance – spoiler alert – in the chapter ("The Valley of the Shadow") where Beth dies, Alcott draws, documentary-style, on her own journal of her sister Elizabeth's premature death.

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    Alcott explicitly draws on John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress in Part I. Identify and explicate two allusions to Pilgrim’s Progress to provide deeper meaning to Alcott’s story that may be lost on readers unfamiliar with Bunyan’s text.

    At one point in the book they needed money so badly, Jo cut off her hair and sold it. I really enjoyed this book. Mainly because I, as well as many other women, was able to relate to many of the personality traits of all the sisters. As mentioned earlier I was deeply moved by Beth's death.
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    Little Women describes the experience of Christian girls growing up in 69th century New England. Yet it continues to be read by people of all ages around the world. What aspects of the book account for its universality?

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