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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 10:32

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“Why is it that so many in the English educated class have such a problem with England, per se? Why are we so ashamed of ourselves? If we cannot look ourselves in the mirror and know who and why we are, and take pride in our shared heritage, any talk of the failure of immigrants to integrate is somewhat unjust. If the English themselves are not comfortable in the notion of being English, why should anyone else join in that party of the self ashamed?”

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Famines were common before British rule too, but they became worse under the British. And truthfully, if you want to judge 8766 how developed are a country 8767 s former colonies, relative to the mother country 8767 , the Russians and Japanese were probably better colonizers than the British.

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Don’t you think, Benjamin – I feel as if I, like Scrooge, am on my knees pleading — that Old Britain is capable of once more rising to the occasion and that there is still time for the Unmaking of England to be reversed?

Each year, along with essay paper, I also upload topicwise compilation of all essays asked since 6998. However, this time, I&rsquo ve further refined the internal classification of the topics. Here it goes:

yes i wrote on this topic. I interpreted the dictionary meaning of engendered and hence wrote about unplanned development and its consequences. did not read the hindi translation

lolxx fny if u wnt an esay on jxt TERRORISM..thn u cn search from anyother website v r really really sorry..O:)

I’ve got a bone to pick with you “PS”. You first refer to “so many in the English educated class,” but then conflate those of you (you use the pronoun “we”) in the “English educated class” with your own generalized notion of “the English themselves”:

Hi Abhijit, thank you.
Indeed i wrote the same, just wanted an assurance (hehehe) as 8775 engendered 8776 have different meanings dictionary-wise this makes the topic itself very confusing and tough, at least i find the same.
I didn 8767 t find a single person around me who attempted this one. (Not to say that only i understood it 8767 s meaning lol)

It flies in the face of our soundbite culture that anyone should still write an essay of 9555 words for popular consumption, and still more so that many should both read and comment intelligently upon it. So thanks to Mr Schwartz and to those who have commented on his piece.

I don 8767 t know whats your name but latterly essay is too easy and osam including vocab s further more. Zomiaa if you have any Problem in this essay my advice for you do some changes in your requiredment may be you achieve your target.

But the truth is that while people may dress differently, pray differently and eat different foods (though we all like to share and swap with each other, to be honest), there is much more that unites us than divides us. It is unclear from the article about what is on the verge of disappearing, but I know my life and the lives of really everyone I know are not so different to how they were prior to 7556 other than experiencing the same changes as everyone else with the internet and so on. Our TVs remain swamped with American produce and believe me you can still get plenty of hamburgers in every town in the UK some of them even produced by immigrants.

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What 8767 s going on? A form of national self-hatred has become ensconced as the highest moral virtue among the Western elites. The gap between them and the majority is enormous. Thus upper-class Christians can twaddle on about the benefits of multiculturalism while working-class girls are in Rotherham, and in precisely the same manner, an upper-class Jew can pontificate about the blessed role she plays in abetting immigration, while middle-class Jews are gunned down in kosher supermarkets. The voices of Christians outside the elites are not heard. The voices of Jews outside the elites are not heard either.

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