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We must take advantage of all the movements of revolt, of all the discontent, in order to foment insurrection, and to organise the revolution which we look to put end to all social wrongs... Social justice realised through the free organisation of producers: war and militarism done away with forever and complete freedom won, by the abolition of the State and its organs of destruction. [ International Anarchist Manifesto on the War, Anarchy! An Anthology of Emma Goldman's Mother Earth , pp. 886-8]

Can Anti-Interventionism Survive the Trump Era? - Antiwar

Gun running is not an accurate depiction of the fast and furious. It 8767 s called gun walking. The idea is to allow gun deals to occur so you can trace them back to the source in this case, the cartel leaders. This sort of thing happened under the Bush Administration as well. It 8767 s not like the government was selling illegal guns to Mexico for profit for god 8767 s sake.

MacIntyre | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

8775 Yes, Sessions should recuse himself. He misled the Senate. But it 8767 s time
to stop equating speaking/meeting with Russians with treason. 8776

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Did you read the article I linked to, or decided that the name was enough reason not to? Yes, I am wary of the Washington Post as well as the NYT, not least because of their recent Russia paranoia, but the article I listed does a decent job of immanent critique: it points out Sessions 8767 inconsistencies and contradictions. Had you read that, you 8767 d see it certainly was in line with the point I wanted to get across.

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Although modernity rejects tradition as a method of moral and political enquiry, MacIntyre finds that it nevertheless bears all the characteristics of a moral and political tradition. MacIntyre identifies the peculiar standards of the liberal tradition in the latter part of chapter 67, and summarizes the story of the liberal tradition at the outset of chapter 68:

This is very bad news for us here at . A considerable part of our audience has always been on the left, including many of our longtime supporters. As the left dissolves into a Russophobic frenzy, the danger is that we’ll lose many of these people. It’s a sad demonstration of a point I’ve often made in this space : that there’s no real wall of separation between domestic politics and foreign policy. Indeed, the former determines the latter.

To the extent that a person accepts what is handed down from the moral and intellectual traditions of her or his community in learning to judge truth and falsity, good and evil, that person’s rationality is “tradition-constituted.” Tradition-constituted rationality provides the schemata by which we interpret, understand, and judge the world we live in. The apparent reasonableness of mythical explanations, religious doctrines, scientific theories, and the conflicting demands of the world’s moral codes all depend on the tradition-constituted rationalities of those who judge them. For this reason, some of MacIntyre’s critics have argued that tradition-constituted rationality entails an absolute relativism in philosophy.

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